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Welcome to Cosmos International Nursery and Kindergarten

Welcome to Cosmos, a magical place where little explorers from every corner of the globe come together to play, learn, and grow! Our cozy corner of the world is filled with fun, laughter, and lots of learning adventures. Here, every day is a bright new journey filled with friends and discoveries. Come join our global family, where fun and learning go hand in hand!

our mission

At Cosmos International Nursery and Kindergarten, our mission is to nurture a vibrant, welcoming space where diversity thrives and young minds are ignited with curiosity and creativity. With a focus on the Cambridge International Early Years Curriculum and personalized learning, we not only prepare our students for the next steps in their educational journey, specifically enrollment at international schools with international curriculums, but also to grow into inquisitive, compassionate, and responsible global citizens, mindful of their connection to the world and their own wellbeing.

Our Philosophy

is to offer an enriching, innovative education that encourages children to be free, full of joy and imagination, and to think outside the box, all while staying deeply connected with nature and fostering the vital harmony between body and soul. Our aim is to unlock each child’s unique potential, instilling a lifelong passion for learning and equipping them with the foundational skills needed for success in any educational setting.

Our values

Joyful Exploration

We cherish and nurture the natural curiosity of children, encouraging a lifelong enthusiasm for discovery and learning in a joyful, engaging environment.

Inclusive Community

We embrace diversity in all its forms, creating an supportive space where every family and child feels valued and connected.

Creative Freedom

We are committed to fostering an atmosphere where imagination and out-of-the-box thinking are not just encouraged but celebrated, allowing each child to express their unique creativity.

Holistic Development

Our approach is centered on nurturing the whole child - mind, body, and soul - emphasizing the importance of emotional wellbeing, physical health, and intellectual growth.

Environmental Stewardship

We instill a love and respect for nature, teaching our children the importance of living sustainably and caring for the planet.

Global Awareness

Preparing our students for success in international environments, we foster a sense of global citizenship, emphasizing empathy, respect, and understanding across cultures.

Educational Excellence

Our dedication to the Cambridge International Early Years Curriculum and personalized learning ensures high-quality education that lays the foundation for future academic and personal achievements.

Family Partnership

We believe in the strength of collaboration between educators and families, actively working together to support the individual needs and potentials of each child.

Our Team


Tatiana zaharieva


Education: Master of International Economic Relations
Additional interests: skiing, surfing, swimming, reading
Mother tongue: Bulgarian
Foreign languages: German, English, Russian
Experience in work with kids: 20+ years


Iva Zaharieva


Education: Free University of Berlin: Specialty “Linguistics, Political Science, Eastern European Law”
Master’s degree: Acquiring language skills in children with autism, Down and Williams syndrome
She has a long term experience in work with children.
Languages: German, English, Russian, French